Hillside Decks

A hillside deck with a view in the L. A. and other hillside areas, is one of the best ways to add value to your property, as well as adding to the enjoyability. Design-wise, always go for the view! Most Southern California cities have special ordinances on hillside building, and decks are considered a structure, like a house or garage, and have to conform to all the same zoning rules and set-backs. Usually, you will need a geology soils report, sometimes a professional survey, and always it will need to be permitted and engineered. There are general rules on the engineering, like the depth of the grade beam and caissons, but this may vary with soil conditions, sometimes having to dig down to bedrock, if the soil is not stable, which may be 20 feet or more and gets expensive. 
Most of these are in a high fire zones and the use of fire proof materials, fire resistant materials, using heavy timber construction or a fire resistant skirt around it, such as a stucco wall, may be required. Mangaris hardwood decking has a Class A fire rating.
If you are rebuilding a previously permitted deck, it will likely need to be upgraded to current standards. The hillside deck is one project where you will likely need a professional to work with. It is an expensive project, as there is no way of getting around the engineering of a structure that is going to stand the test of time. To sort this out, an excellent way to start would be to contact us!